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How to Finance Your Resolute Purchase (and much more)

Imagine this scenario: You're a new club. You have so many things to purchase to get your athletes up and running, it seems like the only way to do it is to sacrifice boat quality and go for something as inexpensive as possible. How else are you going to be able to spend countless dollars on all the other ancillary things you'll need? Launches? Trailers? Rowing Electronics? Oars? Sound familiar?

What if we were to tell you there's a better way?

Whether you're a new crew, a well-established one, or an individual athlete looking for that competitive edge, you can take advantage of RESOLUTE'S unique financing options to get on the water...FASTER.

One thing many people may not realize about RESOLUTE is how flexible and all-encompassing our financing options are. Not only does this mean you can you get the world-class performance capability of RESOLUTE (along with the longevity and overall investment value this entails); you can also acquire the trailers you might need to get (and stay) in the competitive game.  

Casitas Rowing Club in Oakview, California, is a great example of how an organization can take their RESOLUTE purchase to the next level. By financing their fleet of beautiful custom, lean-green racing shells with 10% down, they also took advantage of the ability to finance their trailer. With one reasonable payment at a low interest rate, they can stay focused on the important things: Getting their athletes in top shape for competition at all age & racing levels.

How do our financing plans work?

Our extraordinarily flexible financing options help keep RESOLUTE as affordable as possible.  We will finance your RESOLUTE purchase for up to 6 years with as little as 10% down payment and no pre-payment penalty. The payment schedule could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We will even plan the schedule to conform to your program’s cash flows. Check in with your Regional Z Sales Rep for more information.

  • Payment Schedule: Up to the customer in terms of frequency and timing
  • Terms: Up to 6 years with as little as 10% downpayment
  • Prepayment Penalty: None
  • Approval: 24 to 48 hours
  • Filing Fee: $200
  • Interest Rate: 8%

Want to talk boats, payment plans and more? Get in touch with your Regional Z Sales Rep here.