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RESOLUTE’S New ‘Lucky 7’ 7-Year Warranty

7 Years of Speed: Guaranteed

Feeling lucky? You should be! We’ve recently extended our hull warranty to seven years so you can depend on RESOLUTE to provide a shell that’s race-worthy for many lucky seasons.

In early 2017, we did a little number crunching and we liked what we saw: Extremely rare historical warranty claims due to delamination or manufacturer’s defects. Serendipitously enough, in a year ending with the number ‘seven,’ we determined that our hulls deserved a more fitting warranty period – so we recently extended our boat hull warranty to a full seven years.

Introducing the RESOLUTE Lucky 7 Year Warranty

(Photo Credit: CS Spencer)

Whereas five years has come to be the industry standard, we have both the confidence and the reputation for longevity to go well beyond that norm. We believe that our “Lucky 7” hull warranty speaks to three important core principles at RESOLUTE:


The skilled craftsmen & women at our Rhode Island-based factory are steadfast and determined to live up to our mission of producing the very best racing shells in the world. A great deal of personal pride goes into each and every boat, and the flawlessness shows. At RESOLUTE, even though we implicitly recognize that our shells are built to last, we are proud to be able to now extend that guarantee to our customers.


The best part of our 7-year hull warranty? We actually expect our shells to last at least twice that long! Many of our crews row RESOLUTE because of the long racing legacy they're sure to sustain. In fact, we consistently hear crews still proud to be racing strong at the varsity level in RESOLUTE boats that are 10, 12, even 15 years old. These crews know that an investment in RESOLUTE is a great long-term value by a remarkably wide margin. In part, that’s because our boats remain stiff and, therefore, race-worthy at least three times longer than competing brands. We figured our warranty ought to be reflective of that fact. Run the numbers and it’s pretty clear to see how shockingly affordable it is to row RESOLUTE, especially when its functional lifespan (or race-span, as the case may be) is accounted for. Not convinced? Take our Black Z One, the first boat ever built by RESOLUTE, as an example. It is still racing and placing at over 20 years old!

Don’t forget we can help keep your boat in tip-top shape over all those years with our refurbishment packages and in-house repair services. 


What good is a 5-year warranty if the boat isn’t paid off until year six? We feel good about offering financing terms of up to six years since we know that our boats will remain raceable two or three times that long. Finance up to 90% of the purchase price of your new boat for up to 6 years with an option to finance other rowing-related equipment as well. 

The new warranty went into effect for all boats delivered after January 1, 2017, and you can find all the nitty-gritty fine print here (apologies in advance for all the legal jargon…). If you do have a warranty-related question, please don’t hesitate to call our office or your regional rep

We can’t wait to see you rowing RESOLUTE for at least 7 lucky years, and then some! As always, we’d love for you to be an active part of the #resolutenation. Share your successes, team photos, race shenanigans and more by tagging @resoluteracing on instagram.