Cut the Curves with the Canard Fin - Now Available on Sweep Boats


After having installed Canard Fins on several boats initially used at HOCR with amazing, positive results, we are now offering a Canard Fin retrofit as an available option on our all of our sweep boats! The concept of the canard comes to us from aeronautics, where it is defined as, "A small winglike projection attached to an aircraft forward of the main wing to provide extra stability or control." In rowing, adding a Canard Fin offers:

To Wing or Not to Wing? That is the question...

Is one rigger better for “stronger” athletes or one inherently more appropriate for novices?

Should hand clearance always take priority when choosing wing riggers vs. Euro?

Head Racing Season Calls For The Shark Fin

RESOLUTE’S New ‘Lucky 7’ 7-Year Warranty

7 Years of Speed: Guaranteed

Feeling lucky? You should be! We’ve recently extended our hull warranty to seven years so you can depend on RESOLUTE to provide a shell that’s race-worthy for many lucky seasons.

A Shoe For Every Crew: New Premium Rowing Shoes at RESOLUTE

Project B Rowing Shoes

RESOLUTE is proud to offer an array of rowing shoe options to fit the budget and performance needs of every rower. Included with every boat purchase is our most basic model of rowing shoe, but many crews desire something more performance-oriented -- and since optimal performance is the name of the game at RESOLUTE, we've got the shoe for every crew. 

New RESOLUTE Boat Trailers Now Available

Bring your fleet to every regatta safely and easily. Our new trailer system is exclusive to RESOLUTE and features galvanized steel, fully equipped features and competitive pricing. It is also available with financing when you finance a boat through us. Learn more here and contact your Regional Z Rep for details. 

How to Finance Your Resolute Purchase (and much more)

Imagine this scenario: You're a new club. You have so many things to purchase to get your athletes up and running, it seems like the only way to do it is to sacrifice boat quality and go for something as inexpensive as possible. How else are you going to be able to spend countless dollars on all the other ancillary things you'll need? Launches? Trailers? Rowing Electronics? Oars? Sound familiar?

What if we were to tell you there's a better way?

When We Hear Someone Say Our Price is Too High

By: Jeff Sturges, Resolute President 

My first business job after my military service was selling mainframe computers for IBM.  IBM was a premium provider.  They charged a little more than their competition, but their equipment, software and service always delivered a lot more value to the customer.  The quote below was shared with me while I was there; I have always carried a copy in my brief case as a reminder.


Make Your Old RESOLUTE Look & Perform Like New Again

Resolute Refurbishment Programs

How can you make your old boat look & perform like new again? The team at RESOLUTE has been known to work magic in the refurbishment department.